Asia-Pacific Group provides a comprehensive set of interconnected professional services for Chinese and other Asians intending to invest in businesses, technology, or real estate in America.

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Asia-Pacific Group

Resources include experts in the following fields:

  • corporate, tax and estate planning
  • commercial and residential real estate
  • wealth management
  • investment banking
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • luxury branding and fashion
  • life insurance
  • US Visa preferences, including EB-5, L-1, student
  • delegation tours
  • currency transfer
  • volatility hedge strategies
  • intellectual property licensing
  • corporate finance through revenue royalties
  • education at primary, secondary and advanced levels
  • home care administration and finance
  • cultural education, community relations
  • U.S. health care, special medical evaluation services

The company has extensive resources and relationships throughout mainland China, including central and provincial governments, leading law firms, judicial districts, bar associations and universities, private trade and investment groups, and visa experts.

APG has offices in Honolulu and Beijing, with affiliates in Seattle and Los Angeles.

APG’s mission is to identify superior investment opportunities for Asians in America, and to ensure that all their professional services are properly coordinated, to ensure success, control cost, expedite decisions and minimize risk.

Asia-Pacific Group is a member of Asia-Pacific Network.


Beijing Office:
The Tower Apartment, Oriental Plaza, Suite 383
No. 1 East Chang An Ave. Dong Cheng District
Beijing 100738, China
att’n Xiaofang Zhou

Honolulu Office:
1082 Kaluanui Road
Hawaii Kai, HI 96825 U.S.A.
att’n Michael North

Seattle Office:
1001 4th Avenue Suite 4400
Seattle WA 98154
att’n Tobin Butcher

Asia-Pacific Group supports the important work
of the non-profit organization, the
Zhou Enlai Peace Institute